Grand Chase Adds A Boss Event Even Newbies Can Take On



Brawler MMO Grand Chase has added a new world boss event to the game with Harkion. Unlike most events which are targeted at specific character levels, this world boss event is open even to newbie players from level one.



Found in the Land of Judgement World Boss Dungeon, Harkion is that huge dragon summoned to help test the land of Aernas and see if it is worthy enough of saving or destruction.


Players get only three shots at Harkion a day, with no friends and limited item use while in the zone. The more damage you deal to the boss, the more Battle Points you’ll gain.


si-landofjudgement-_2 si-landofjudgement-_3

These get tallied up and a tiered reward sent to your mailbox. Even if you’re a low character, this will give you a Judgement Support Reward item. High level characters can look forward to receiving shards, which go towards crafting special earring, ring and crest gear.


Grand Chase is out now on PC.