Grand Chase’s Hardest Dungeon Is Unforgiving



Welcome, sir, to the latest challenge in KOG Game’s online RPG Grand Chase. May I take your coat, while we discuss the finer points of this swanky game?



As you can see, sir, the dungeon’s big selling point is that you’ll only get one shot at it per run—no retries, no resurrecting at a graveyard, no continues. Die and you’re kicked back out to try again only an hour later. Oh, and, you’ll also need to check all your potions at the door, thank you.



Past that door, you’ll be facing down a bevy of the game’s toughest new foes in a 10-floor dungeon and a rematch against the evil Kaze’Aze. That screaming? That appears to be the man who entered before you. If you take too long clearing each floor, a rain of acidic blood will appear to sap your strength.



Although, we do also have an additional rule on pets. They do stain the floor, so we’ll have to limit their effectiveness in here as well. We do apologize sir, but it’s all in the name of the leaderboards.


We haven’t even gotten to the good bit yet. Of course there’s treasure to be had. There’s that most legendary of scrolls, the Single Property Scroll (which, if you weren’t aware, allows you to change a single item property and is quite valuable) as well as the all-new True Iron Dragon set gear. Worthwhile rewards for such a painstakingly difficult undertaking.


So, that’s that. Grand Chase is playable on PC.