Grand Chase’s New Character Is Voiced By Robotech’s Rick Hunter



KOG Games’ side-scrolling brawler MMORPG Grand Chase welcomes its 20th character to the roster list with Uno.


Uno_Illustrations (2)

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Uno is voiced by Tony Oliver, the voice-actor who’s done Robotech’s Rick Hunter (Yes, yes, some of us prefer to call it Macross). He was also Ulquiorra in Bleach, Minato Namikaze (aka Naruto’s dad) in Naruto and has taken on other prolific roles as well.


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Players of Grand Chase will be given a temporary character slot for Uno to try him out. If you’re able to get him to level 40 before the event ends though, Uno is yours to keep alongside additional reward items.



Uno himself is a hard-hitting, aggressive character for players, with plenty of melee attacks. His backstory is an odd one. Raised up from the pools of Highlander blood after their defeat to the demon Ashtaroth, he has no memories except hatred, horror, despair and a thirst for blood.


Grand Chase is out now on PC.