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Grand Kingdom’s Latest Trailer Details Its Traditional Fire Emblem-Like Class System



We previously got some details on the strategic depth behind the upcoming tactical RPG Grand Kingdom by Spike Chunsoft. The latest trailer for the game shares details on how these classes come into play on the battlefield.


The story of Grand Kingdom takes place in a fantasy world of sword and magic, where you’ll send mercenaries out into combat, and you’ll fight alongside one of the four major factions of the world. The video introduces a few characters in Gradius Ringland, Regulus Ringland and Aldberg.


The turn-based battle system puts emphasis on positioning for short and long-ranged battles. Similar to Fire Emblem and other traditional strategy RPGs, the “class triangle” is also something worth keeping in mind for making your party in the game.


Close-ranged fighters like knights can take out the long-ranged shooters like archers and gunners. Meanwhile, the ranged units can beat mages, and mages get the best out of knights and other close-ranged units.


Some examples of different unit classes include the close-ranged Lancers that excel in reach and high defense. The long-ranged Gunners can shoot attacks that come with various effects, and the Shaman are mages that can perform powerful magic attacks.


There’s a fourth unit-type called the “Specialists,” like the Challenger class that has all kinds of different moves in their repertoire. These guys aren’t strong or weak against other classes.


Grand Kingdom will release in Japan on October 22, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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