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Grand Knights History Director Is Working On A New Tactical RPG For PS4 And Vita



Spike Chunsoft have announced a new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game called Grand Kingdom, a title by Grand Knights History director Tomohiko Deguchi. This week’s issue of Famitsu shares more details. [Thanks, Game Jouhou]


Grand Kingdom takes place in a fantasy world full of swords and magic, a tactical RPG that revolves around sending out your very own mercenaries into combat. There are four powers that are fighting on a continent, and you’ll get to choose which one to side with, along with your mercenaries.


The battles are turn-based, and as you move through the stage, you’ll need to strategize and think about your positioning. Instead of simply going by commands, you’ll put together various skills to pull off combos as part of some of the action elements the game offers.


Grand Kingdom has online features, too. Players will go against other players from the four factions, and there will be some sort of feature that revolves around expanding territories through taking over others and defending from enemy invasions.


The game features fully-voiced and animated event scenes. The report mentions how it looks similar to Grand Knights History, but the story and system isn’t related to the game.


Thus far, the team has revealed four characters and their voicing cast:


  • Gradius Ringland (CV: Ryoka Yuzuki)
  • Precia Terah (CV: Miho Arakawa)
  • Julius Wiseman (CV: Shintaro Asanuma)
  • Graham Bellegarde (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda)


As far as the development staff goes, the studio behind is is called MonoChro, a company that Deguchi started in September 2011, that specializes in Japanese-style 2D designs. Character designs are done by Chizu Hashii, and sound by Basiscape.


Grand Kingdom is in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It is currently 65% complete.


Note:  Keep in mind that this game is not being developed by Vanillaware. The image above is from Grand Knights History. This game will likely not look like that.

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