Grand Prize At Upcoming Smash Bros. Tournament Is A Custom “Evilos” Metallic Mega Man Amiibo


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A custom Metallic Mega Man amiibo will be given away at the Wizard World Comic Con in Las Vegas, which will be held between April 24th-26th.


This exclusive amiibo is designed by Chris “Evilos” Avalos, who has made other custom amiibos in the past, and even has some of them sold on the Toys ‘R Us website. You can see a bunch of his work here, including Dual Cannon Samus and Starry Night Pikachu.


Only one person can win the Metallic Mega Man amiibo and it will be the person who wins the con’s official Smash Bros. tournament to be held at 1pm on Saturday April 25th.


The tournament costs $10 to enter with sign-ups starting on at 11am on the Saturday with limited spaces so you’ll want to register quick. If you want to see the rules of the tournament you’ll be able to find them at the Wizard World Gaming Pavilion.


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