A Grandfatherly Talking Shield Joins Players For Zelda-Like Adventure In The Untold Legacy


The Untold Legacy offers players some portable grandfatherly advice in the form of the Shieldpa, a talking shield that also offers players light, protection, and lava hopping powers throughout this Zelda-inspired adventure.


Players won’t just be relying on a shield with a moustache on this open-world adventure. Their own skills, from blocking with a shield to sword slashes, will grow in strength as the player uses them often. This reflects not only in damage, but also the animations used for the hero’s attacks and blocks. The hero’s animations will move from clumsy and unsure, showing hesitation and fear, to steadily more confident uses as they grow stronger, showing their growth to the player.

The Untold Legacy is a story-heavy adventure, but despite that, it is still willing to let players explore the world however they choose and tackle things whenever they like. The developers have made a conscious effort not to block off areas from exploration with items or story beats, and instead hope to allow the player to do things whenever they like. As such, it will be up to the player to choose when and how to do everything.


The Untold Legacy’s world is filled with all manner of dungeons and towns to explore, as well as ingredients to collect should players need to stop for a healing bite to eat. Many helpful people can offer them handy items and assistance as they explore, but many powerful enemies are wandering the world as well, including some that can appear out of thin air to wreck havoc on the player’s game.

The Untold Legacy is currently raising development funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!