PlayStation 3

Grandia III Makes Its Debut On PlayStation 3 As A PS2 Classic


Grandia III Now On PS3

Game Arts’ Grandia III has been added to the PlayStation Store as a PlayStation 2 Classic game playable on PlayStation 3. The timeless JRPG can be downloaded for $9.99.


Grandia III originally launched on Valentine’s Day in 2006 as the fourth and final chapter in the Grandia series. The gameplay touts its own action-based take on the classic active time battle system. As for the story, it unfolds through hand drawn cinematics, as players join aspiring pilot Yuki on his quest to stop the persecution of the land’s sacred Guardians. Also out to save the Guardians is Alfina, a special young girl who can communicate with the mystical beasts.


The Grandia III soundtrack is intact on PlayStation 3, including the theme song “In The Sky” by Japanese pop/rock artist Miz.