Grandia Memorial Soundtrack Release Date Possibly Revealed via Amazon

grandia memorial soundtrack release date

Earlier in 2020, Japanese record label Wayo Records announced a set of releases based on the original Grandia, a PlayStation-era JRPG classic from GameArts. As a subsidiary of GungHo Online Entertainment, we’ve seen the recent release of Grandia HD Collection, so the releases from Wayo Records make a lot of sense. The main event is the Grandia Memorial Soundtrack, a boutique vinyl release that comes in two different variations. There’s also a normal CD soundtrack, and an extremely fancy music box. Wayo Records previously announced the set is planned for Summer 2020, but a new Amazon listing suggests the Grandia Memorial Soundtrack release date is August 21, 2020.

Amazon listings of imported soundtracks can be inconsistent in various ways, from price and even release date. So that could end up being technically inaccurate, compared to buying options that ship directly from Wayo Records. But the listing on Amazon does allow preorder purchases, and is currently available for $109.98 with free shipping. If the release date information changes expect to see an update here, or if you decide to buy it, an update from Amazon itself.

The Grandia Memorial Soundtrack includes 3 discs, with the first two being the full OST. The third disc is a new edition of Vent, an arrange album that was released in 1998 and is now well out of print. Wayo Records has a 45-minute preview of the soundtrack on its YouTube channel, check it out:

Grandia is available on the PC, the PlayStation, the Sega Saturn (not localized), and the Nintendo Switch.

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