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Granzella Confirms R-Type Final 2 Is The Real Deal


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Now that it’s April 2 in Japan, things are starting to die down regarding April Fool’s Day. Granzella head Kazuma Kujo came out to confirm that R-Type Final 2, the game announced by Granzella yesterday with a crowdfunding campaign to come in the future, is real.


Check out his Tweet below:


Kujo: “April 1 is on its last legs, but Granzella was not able to participate in the April Fool’s event this year either. As the person in charge at Granzella, I would like to apologize. From now on, we will bolster our weak development power, and push on forward with our game development. Please watch after us in the future as well.”


What does this mean for the project? Well, it means that all the information detailed in our previous post here is real, including that the game is coming to PlayStation 4, and that a crowdfunding campaign will definitely be held for the title. Additionally, we will hear more news on the title in May.


R-Type Final 2 is actually in development for PlayStation 4.

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