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Granzella’s Kazuma Kujo Describes His Thoughts On Disaster Report 4 Plus Finally Releasing


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The latest issue of Famitsu celebrates Disaster Report 4 Plus’ release with an interview with Granzella’s Kazuma Kujo, who directed the game. He talked about his feelings regarding the game’s release, and plans for post-launch support like DLC. [Thanks, Hachima Kikou!]


Check out the highlights below:

  • Kujo is relieved that Disaster Report 4 Plus was finally able to be released. There was a pressure he felt thanks to the fact that the series hadn’t seen a new game in such a long time.


  • The areas of the game he was dissatisfied with that led to the game’s one month delay have been successfully fixed.


  • Regarding additional content, Kujo wants to create an afterstory for the game. While the game’s main story ends in a week, he wants to show off what happens afterwards for several of the characters in the game. This was something he wanted to do since the beginning of development of the PS4 version, but he couldn’t afford to reallocate staff to work on that idea instead of the main game.


  • Kujo attributes Disaster Report 4 Plus’ successful development to City Shrouded in Shadow.


  • Regarding why the survival elements in this game aren’t as strict as in previous entries, Kujo states that this was because there is somewhat of a shift in genre from being an action game to an adventure game. Up until now, the Disaster Report series has been focused more around the action elements, but this game is more focused on showing off the people you meet and the relationships you form in the midst of disaster.


  • Even if you stay hungry the whole game, or go through the entire game without going to the toilet, you’ll still be able to progress. However, the game has been made so that players will want to do these things. Kujo wants the game to be enjoyed as something of a role-playing game.


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories launches for PlayStation 4 in Japan on November 22, 2018. We previously reported on the game’s collaboration with Cup Noodles and here.

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