Grasshopper Manufacture’s The Silver Case Is Being Released Worldwide


silver caseGrasshopper Manufacture’s The Silver Case will be released internationally for Windows PCs through Playism. The point-and-click text adventure is set in the 24 Districts and follows characters as they investigate a series of murders.


The Silver Case has two scenarios, both focusing on finding the culprit behind chain of murders that mimic ones committed by Kamui Uehara years ago. However, Kamui was supposed to be locked away. In Transmitter, people are following detectives investigating the murders and going through cases. Placebo looks at a similar inquiry, only as a writer goes over the information.


Many improvements are coming to The Silver Case. It will run on a new game engine with improved graphics. You can move some text boxes and images windows as you’d like on the screen. Some of the game’s puzzles will be altered, since it wouldn’t be possible for some text-based ones to correspond with English characters.


Grasshopper Manufacture originally released The Silver Case on the PlayStation back in 1999. In 2008, a Nintendo DS remake was announced. That project was put on hold in 2009, though there have been glimpses of it shared. A mobile sequel, The Silver Case: 25 Ward, was released in 2005.


Some of the first screenshots released show the difference between the original and new versions of The Silver Case. The old screenshots are on the left, and the new ones are on the right.

film_window film_window_new

pict_old pict_new


The Silver Case will be released in fall 2016 for PCs. It will be available in English and Japanese. A price has not yet been set, but the official website is open.

Jenni Lada
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