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Gravity Rush 2 Goes Over The People Kat And Syd Will Meet In Banga




In Gravity Rush 2, Kat and Syd find themselves in Banga, a mining settlement, after a gravity anomaly takes them away from Hekseville. There, they’re forced to lead a different kind of life. Kat’s companion, Dusty, isn’t there, which means she doesn’t have her gravity-influencing abilities. Instead, they work gathering gravity ore for the Banga settlement. In a new PlayStation Blog update, SCEA’s Nick Accordino introduced some of the people Kat and Syd will meet in Banga.




Lisa is the strong and short-tempered leader of the Banga Settlement. Ever the realist, she inspires both fear and respect in the villagers but always prioritizes the safety of the settlement.




Cecie is a quiet and reserved girl who works as a herder within Banga. As Lisa’s adopted daughter, Cecie is usually on the receiving end of her mother’s strict teachings. When she runs away from home, Kat is asked to track her down.



Vogo is a merchant, and head of “Sun Shipping.” He regularly does business with a variety of clients, and is rumored to be involved with the illegal buying and selling of military supplies. His plans for Banga are less than noble.




Fi is Vogo’s bodyguard and close aide. His quiet and cold demeanor is accompanied by a proficiency in martial arts, and he regularly intimidates those who resist Vogo’s demands.




Misai is the top miner in Banga, and one of Kat’s biggest critics. His stubbornness leads him into dangerous mining missions in order to prove his worth.


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Players will be able to take on over 50 story and challenge missions in Gravity Rush 2. These will be accompanied by comic book-inspired events, where we’ll be able to see how Kat and Syd are acclimating and aiding Banga and its residents.


Sony also showed off The Rift Plane, one of the areas Kat will be exploring in Gravity Rush 2. This is a place filled with high quality gravity ore and Nevi, also known as scarabs by the people of Banga. When Kat is in this place, she’ll be able to come across stone tablets with various challenges. Fulfilling their goals leads to rewards.




Gravity Rush 2 will come to to the PlayStation 4 in Europe on November 30, 2016, Japan on December 1, 2016, and North America on December 2, 2016.

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