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Gravity Rush Remastered GameFly Rentals Will Be Available August 11, 2020

gravity rush remastered gamefly gravity rush ps4

A rare and expensive PlayStation 4 version of a PlayStation Vita game is going to be available through an additional avenue soon. Gravity Rush Remastered GameFly rentals will be available starting August 11, 2020. The rental page is already up on the official website.

GameFly made the announcement on Twitter on August 10, 2020. While it is very easy to get a digital copy, as it is on the PlayStation Store for $29.99, Gravity Rush PS4 physical copy prices have skyrocketed in recent years. A used copy is $59.99 at GameStop (if you can find it at a store near you). Some of the cheapest Amazon marketplace prices start at $180.

People were asking the “important” questions in response to GameFly’s announcement, which was how much it would be to “keep” the game if they rented it. Initially, GameFly’s representative tweeted, “Not offering a keep price at this time. Sorry!” In a follow up response asking if the rental copy was lost, the Twitter account said, “$70 is the cost of doing business.”

Gravity Rush is available for the PlayStation Vita, while Gravity Rush Remastered is available for the PlayStation 4. Even in the case of the handheld version, it can go for $50 or more. The Gravity Rush Remastered GameFly rentals will begin on August 11, 2020.

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