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The Great Ace Attorney Will Release In Japan On July 9th



Capcom shared the latest trailer for The Great Ace Attorney during the Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation earlier today—and no, it wasn’t an April Fool’s video this time.


The video starts out with a little prologue to the story that will take place in London, followed by a look at Phoenix Wright’s ancestor and protagonist of The Great Ace Attorney, Ryunosuke Naruhodo.


They then show his friends, starting with his new friend Sherlock Holmes, his trusted partner Susato Mikotoba, Sherlock Holmes’ assistant Iris Watson, and Kazuma Asougi a fellow student who aims to become an attorney.


At the 1:35 mark of the video, we get a closer look at the new rival prosecutor named Baroque Vanzieks, who is also known as the “God of Death”.



Next, they show us a little more of the new court battles, which will have a jurist system of six as part of the English law in The Great Ace Attorney. The chosen six jurors will decide the fate of the verdict.


Susato explains how the jurist system has a balance scale that has two sides between white that represents innocence and the black side for guilty. If all six jurors go with guilty at any point, the trial will be interrupted and the judge will announce the verdict at that moment.


However, even if all six jurors go with a guilty verdict, the defense attorney has a chance of a closing argument, which can be used to change the decisions of the jury and have them overturn the verdict to continue the trial. It will be up to Naruhodo to change the minds of the jurors, but it doesn’t look like Baroque will give him an easy time.

The Great Ace Attorney will release in Japan on July 9, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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