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The Great Ace Attorney’s Keywords Are “Ancestors,” “Famous Detective” And “Attorney”



With Tokyo Game Show 2014 starting soon, Ace Attorney series creator Shu Takumi recently shared some information through his Twitter account about The Great Ace Attorney, prior to the big event.


“Actually, last year, when we began talks for a new Ace Attorney project within our company, the first thing that was brought up was having a ‘famous detective,’ which was how the plans began,” Takumi tweeted. “However, to be honest, we were uncertain whether it would be possible to realize this at the time.”


Takumi went on to mention that the game was actually part of something he and his team had brainstormed in the past as something they wanted to work on in the future, but felt wouldn’t pan out. Plans for the project ultimately saw a few changes, and the keywords “ancestors,” “famous detective” and “attorney” became the focus.


He also revealed that in the announcement trailer for The Great Ace Attorney that was shared back in Apri actually revealed a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes hidden within the video, and he asked how many of the “famous detectives” out there were able to notice it.


For those of you who are curious to see the silhouette for yourself, the trailer can be found in our earlier report. You can see the silhouette briefly at the 0:50 mark of the embedded video.


Takumi explained that he couldn’t just make it too obvious and just show Holmes, so it was only on-screen for a few seconds, and the team even went as far as flipping the silhouette upside down to make it harder to see. It isn’t surprising no one caught it at the time..


More information on The Great Ace Attorney will be revealed soon.

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