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The Great Ace Attorney’s Limited Edition Comes With A Mini Sherlock Holmes Briefcase



Sherlock Holmes will play a major role in The Great Ace Attorney, so it’s only fitting for the game’s limited edition to be themed after him as well. The Capcom Store in Japan shows us the different limited edition versions of the game.



The e-Capcom limited edition includes the game, a pair of animal plushes with a Sherlock Holmes and Iris Watson motif, a set of six character postcards and a frame to go with it, a short story by Iris Watson in magazine-style, a Holmes card sticker, and Ryunosuke Naruhodo’s pin (the one worn on his collar).


The set fits perfectly in the included Holmes’ private briefcase, and goes for 9,300 yen plus tax.



The limited “Binding Edition” from the e-Capcom store features a collection of illustrations and a mini-soundtrack CD, along with the game for 7,300 yen.



Finally, for those who wish to have it all, can get the e-Capcom + Binding Edition for 10,800 yen plus tax, and it included all the extra goodies from both limited edition versions, which is basically an extra 1,500 yen for the extra soundtrack CD and art collection.


The Great Ace Attorney will release in Japan on July 9, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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