With just a year left to live, Great Edo Blacksmith’s protagonist must quickly find a way to make some money and fall in love, and it looks like if he wants to be with Asaka, he’s going to need to make some extra money.


Out of all the girls, Asaka seems to be the most cheerful one, but she’s also honest about her love for money, as she starts out by saying “Yup, yup! Like… isn’t money more important than anything? Even guys who can’t get any can pay to talk to a super cutie like Asaka!”


Even though she is greedy and brutally honest, she actually does sound cute when she asks “Hey, you like me, right?” while teasing about letting the protagonist do this and that to her.


Just like Kiyohana and Yugiri, it looks like even the bright and cheerful Asaka has a side to herself that she doesn’t reveal to just about anyone, as she’s heard crying saying “Then I’ll just have to earn it on my own! As if you really know anything about me!”


Great Edo Blacksmith will be released in Japan on November 27, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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