Greedy Guns Provides Cartoon Gore, Old-School Run ‘N’ Gun Action In Its Beta


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Portugese developer Tio Atum has put a beta build of its 2-player cartoon shooter Greedy Guns is now available to download on for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Inspired by the likes of Gunstar Heroes, Metal Slug, and Contra, the idea here is to provide an old-school side-scrolling run ‘n’ gun experience. It’s all rolled up with a metroidvania-style layout with connected colorful worlds to explore.


You play as a pair of mercenaries who work for an evil corporation known as HOLOCORP. They attack alien worlds to both prevent their creatures from attacking Earth as well as collect artifacts and DNA, which it then uses for research purposes.


Greedy Guns has already been Greenlit and will be out on Steam this summer. Check out its website for more details.

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