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Guerrilla Teases Horizon Forbidden West Sequel, Reveals Franchise Sales Numbers

New Horizon Games Teased

A Horizon Forbidden West sequel seems to be on its way in the future, as confirmed by developer Guerrilla Games. The information was teased as part of a retrospective of Guerrilla’s work celebrating their 20th anniversary on the PlayStation Blog. Studio Director Jan-Bart van Beek said that he looks forward to fans seeing where Aloy goes next in her story.

Guerilla also confirmed that the Horizon franchise has sold 32.7 million units combined. Horizon Forbidden West makes up 8.4 million units of this total. However, there is a higher number of players due to subscriptions such as PlayStation Plus.

Elsewhere in the post, Van Beek looks back at the history of the studio, starting out in 2003 on Shellshock: Nam ’67. He then goes through the history of making the Killzone series for Sony and how it led to them becoming a first-party studio.

Naturally, a big chunk of the blog is dedicated to the development of Horizon Zero Dawn. Van Beek talks about the challenges of making the shift from a sci-fi FPS franchise to an open world action adventure. He also discusses the nervousness he and the other staff experienced showing off the reveal trailer for the first time.

Horizon Forbidden West is out now for PS5 and PS4. A major expansion, Burning Shores, released on April 19, 2023 for PS5 exclusively.

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