Guide An Aggressive, Acrobatic Bird Swordsman In Way Of The Red



A member of the nearly-extinct race of birdmen is shot down by humans, his wings clipped and his sword taken as he is enslaved. He won’t let this stand in the way of reuniting with his childhood love, though, taking up a new sword to stand against these people and their sadistic king in Way of the Red.




Way of the Red, which is raising votes on Steam Greenlight, gives players access to several sword combos, high flying jump attacks, and wall-climbing skills as they slash their way through the game’s sidescrolling action. The birdman can lash out in any direction with his sword, and can string together multiple attacks into long combos that have been designed around speed.




This play style has been born from the developer’s experience playing competitive Super Smash Bros Melee. The game’s “…"feel" comes from my experience playing Smash, and the desire to imitate the extremely fluid feeling of "perfect control" you get from playing Smash at a high level. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean my game will be excessively difficult to play!”




Players will find red seeds and upgrades as they explore the game world’s four zones, giving them access to new abilities, mutations, and powers to use against their enemies.




Way of the Red is projected to release sometime this year.

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