Guide The Life Of Flirtatious Elisa: The Innkeeper In This Visual Novel



Elisa finds it funny to seduce her customers, and it will be up to players to guide her actions, as well as those of the other characters who wish to get closer to her, in visual novel Elisa: The Innkeeper.




Players do not take on a role of a character in the game, but rather direct the characters of the game’s world through various decisions for each of them. In making decisions for Elisa and the other characters trying to romance her, the game will steadily head to one of four endings. The game will also feature important items that the player can find and use to further change the story.




A prequel to Elisa: The Innkeeper’s main story is available for free on Steam. It covers 20% of the main story and features three story branches. If players enjoy it, they can donate to the game’s further development through Kickstarter.

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