Guide Your Ship, Even Through A Whale’s Belly, In This VR Pirate Game


Heroes of the Seven Seas will have players acting as a pirate captain in VR, meeting fellow pirates in a living port, steering their ship across the seas, and dealing with enemy ships they run into on their journey.


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The player is in full command once out at sea, watching as they encounter enemy fleets, fighting against them using their ship’s cannons in a mixture of FPS and naval combat. Those same weapons can be turned on fortresses, bombarding them from your ship. The enemy is always firing back, so players will need to carefully weave their ship through dangerous territory as they fight back.


Should the player’s ship get boarded by zombies and skeletal sailors, they can use their pistols to turn them back, blasting the monsters as they rush toward them.


Storms and giant sea monsters might provide additional troubles for the player as well. The player’s ship can be swallowed whole by a huge whale, requiring the player guide their boat through the creature’s internal organs to freedom again.



Players can upgrade all of their ship’s equipment in ports, upgrading their hulls, sails, and guns through purchases from merchants. Those merchants also sell maps that will lead the player to new islands that may offer hidden treasures. When not making purchases in the port, players can meet with other players to form teams or set up online naval battles between each other.




Heroes of the Seven Seas is available now for Oculus Rift and will be coming to HTC Vive.

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