Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Gets A Public Beta Weekend Starting August 7th



ArenaNet has announced that that it’s holding a public beta weekend for Guild Wars 2’s first expansion, Heart of Thorns, on August 7th.


You’ll be able to get access to the event if you pre-purchase Heart of Thorns. Then, using your existing Guild Wars 2 account, you’ll be able to get your first look at the expansion between 12PM PDT on Friday, August 7th until 12PM PDT on Monday, August 10th. You will be able to save everything you do in the beta during this time and take the progress into future beta events.


This first beta weekend lets you experience the first story instances in the new area, the Heart of Maguuma Jungle. You’ll also be able to test out the revenant, which is a new profession with “attacks and abilities that draw their powers from legends of Guild Wars lore.”


You’ll also be among the first to try out the new elite specializations that introduce new weapons and skills for each profession in the game. Plus, there’s a chance to test the new masteries system, which is a “new endgame progression system that replaces linear leveling and gives players choices in new skills, abilities and rewards they pursue.”


On top of that, ArenaNet also revealed that at Gamescom this year it’ll be letting attendees try out the public beta on the show floor. Not only that, but for the first time ever, the Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series will be held in Europe during Gamescom, on Saturday, August 8th.

Chris Priestman