We recently got some news on Guilty Gear Xrd Sign and how it will allow for cross-play between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Famitsu follows up with some screenshots showing off some of the game’s new characters and features.


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As previously reported, the PlayStation 4 version of Guilty Gear Xrd Sign will run the game at 1080p.


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The above is a look at the somnambulist Bedman, one of the new characters, who fights in a rather unorthodox style.


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New is Ramlethal Valentine, who was previously a boss character in the arcade version of the game, before becoming playable in an update. She has a unique fighting style that involves using a sword that can be used in single and dual-sword modes.



Not only has the gameplay evolved in Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, but the cut-scenes are also getting a twist. The above image might look like it’s straight out of an animated scene, but similar to the way the combat looks, it’s all made using 3D models that has a 2D look to it.



By using 3D models, Dust Attacks and other combat features can be shown in a more dynamic fashion with different camera angles.


Guilty Gear Xrd Sign will be released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 this Fall in North America.

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