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Guilty Gear Xrd —SIGN— Shows More Sin Who Attacks With Rushes



    Arc System Works revealed Sin Kiske as the latest fighter to Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign-,who is back with his signature war flag weapon and a hunger meter for his special attacks. Famitsu shows us another look at Ky and Dizzy’s son in action.


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    Using his war flag, Sin’s battle style specializes in pulling one special move after another in swift and fluid manner. Without leaving much of a gap between special attacks, he can rush down opponents like no other.


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    While he does sound pretty powerful so far, there’s a catch to his prowess—his Hunger Meter, which diminishes after each special attack. Once it gets too low, he won’t be able to use any special attacks, so you’ll need to have him eat foods to keep it up.


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    In addition to being able to pull off consecutive special attacks, Sin has great range with his weapon, to go with rather simple combos.


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    The above demonstrates some of his red lightning moves. While he seems to share a few similarities with Ky, he has his own unique playstyle that revolves around connecting special attacks and his long-ranged moves to go with it.


    Here’s a comment from battle director Pachi:


    “We’re current objective is to make Sin a mid-ranged fighter who stands out with his special attack to special attack rushes. His special attack rushing is easy to handle, but once he gets hungry, his ability to rush instantly gets halved. The point of focus [for Sin] is to have a feeling like a parent raising a child and making sure they properly eat [laughs].”

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