Guilty Gear’s Sol And BlazBlue’s Hakumen Get D-Arts Figurines


Fresh from Bandai’s Tamashii Nation 2012 are D-Arts prototypes of the iconic Guilty Gear character Sol Badguy and BlazBlue’s masked warrior Hakumen. The reveal comes at a very convenient time, seeing as how Guilty Gear XX will get a console re-release and arcade update while BlazBlue is getting another revision.


Although the images show that they are non-jointed figures, the description card reveals them to be in the D-Arts line, which is Bandai’s brand of articulated action figures. The stand design also reflects this, which enables dynamic positioning instead of the fixed positioning stand that non-jointed figures utilise.


The near complete list of reveals done during Tamashii Nation 2012 can be found at (warning: very NSFW) if you’re interested in seeing more of what Bandai has to offer.