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Gun Gun Pixies Is About Infiltrating A Girls’ Dormitory As A Tiny Alien Girl



Compile Heart shared new details on their recently announced PS Vita title, Gun Gun Pixies, where you play as tiny alien girls infiltrating a girls’ dormitory. Here are details from this week’s Dengeki PlayStation. [Thanks, Hachima.]


The magazine reveals that the game is being directed by Norihisa Kochiwa, character designs by Katsuyuki Hirano, and developed by Shade.


The protagonist’s mother planet Pandemo and its people have been threatened by another planet. As a result, they’ve lost trust in other people and they now take extreme measures when it comes to communication. The people from Pandemo no longer get married with each other as the planet’s life sees a decline. As a way to ameliorate the situation, they decide to go to Earth in order to examine human relations.


Gun Gun Pixies is listed as a third-person shooter-type gun action adventure game. You take control of a space girl who could fit in the palm of your hands, and your goal is to infiltrate a woman’s dorm. As you explore the giant rooms, you’ll shoot strange objects. As you shoot things, you’ll see some kind of changes from the residents.


Getting discovered by a resident results in a game over—and yes, you’ll have missions that involve infiltrating baths.


Here are some details on the characters:

Bii-tan (Usamaeru) (CV: Marika Kono): Bad soldier. She’s second to none other when it comes to loving cute girls.


Kame-pon (Kamerieru) (CV: Yuka Otsubo): Bad soldier. She puts on a cool facade, but actually loves her partner Bii-tan deep down.


Here are some of the residents living in the dorm:

  • Amayo Sato (CV: Minami Takahashi)
  • Minami Magaki (CV: Ibuki Kido)
  • Kira Torii (CV: Atsuko Kato)
  • Mira Torii (CV: Ayaka Imamura)
  • Eri Torii (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki)


And finally, here are some notes from the interview with the developers:

  • The genre is third-person shooter, but there are plenty of adventure (visual novel) scenes.


  • The reason a girls’ dorm is the target is because they wouldn’t know what kind of mistakes to put if they were in a place with men instead.


  • The guns are loaded with “Happy Bullets” which does things like healing stiff shoulders when you hit a tired girl.


  • There will be enemies that get in the way of your missions.


  • There are over 20 different types of underwear, which changes on a daily basis.


  • You’ll get to grab butts


  • They’ve prepared costume breaks for the protagonist. Her skin gets more exposed as she takes hits from enemy attacks. And yes, there will be tentacles too.


Gun Gun Pixies releases in Japan in 2017 for PlayStation Vita.

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