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Gun Gun Pixies Screenshots Give Us A Peek Inside The Girls’ Dormitory



Compile Heart has updated the official website with new screens for Gun Gun Pixies, the game where you play as two tiny alien girls who infiltrate a girls’ dormitory to learn more about human interaction.



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The story of Gun Gun Pixies is about two miniature alien girls, named Bii-tan and Kame-pon, who left their home planet of Pandemo in order to head to Earth and study human relations.

The reason they’re doing this is because after their planet got threatened by those of another one, the people of Pandemo lost trust in each other and must take extreme measures to communicate amongst each other as a result.

Without any trust, the people of Pandemo has been seeing all kinds of troubles, but the worst one is the fact that their life has been on a declide as they no longer get married. So in order to try fixing things, they’ll have to learn from humans by observing them without getting caught.



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The third-person shooter adventure game will have you do more than sneak around to observe residents of the girls’ dorm, as you’ll also get to use a special gun that’s loaded with “Happy Bullets’ that can make girls “feel good” by doing things such as shooting them to cure their stiff shoulders, and so on.


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Gun Gun Pixies releases in Japan on March 23, 2017 for PlayStation Vita. Compile Heart says they plan to release a trailer for the game on January 13, 2017. The screenshots above are a little bit of a preview of what we can expect to see in the trailer.

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