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Gundam Breaker 2 Details Its Weapons And Two Latest Gundams



We recently got a look at the two latest Mobile Suits for Gundam Breaker 2, with the Duel Gundam and Blitz Gundam, both from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. Famitsushares a look at the two, in addition to details on weapons.


Blitz Gundam:


gundam-breaker-2_141106-2 gundam-breaker-2_141106-3

The Blitz Gundam can use its Mirage Colloid ability to cloak itself and hide from enemies.


Duel Gundam:



As previously reported, The Duel Gundam is one of the more versatile Mobile Suits, as all of its parts can be helpful in various situations. In addition to its 57mm energy beam rifle and beam saber, it has a powerful Gae Bolg that can attack with wide range.


gundam-breaker-2_141106-5 gundam-breaker-2_141106-6

The above is a look at the Weapon Build system, which lets you use material acquired from defeating enemies in missions to create weapons. The weapons can also be upgraded with this feature.


Here are some details on some of the game’s weapons:



The rifle has a lock-on feature. By holding down the L1 button, you can launch a powerful attack, with different special attacks depending on the weapon.



The double rifle also has a lock-on feature. By using both rifles, players can gun down enemies with rapid-fire, but the two rifles can also be put together for one big and powerful one as well. Holding down L1 performs a special attack for double rifles, too.



The machine gun excels at short and mid-ranged combat, and can go fully-automatic by holding down the button. Depending on the machine gun, there are various special attacks that are performed by holding down the attack button for short bursts.



The long rifles are pretty much the sniper rifles of Gundam Breaker 2. They are second to none at long-ranged shots, and boast shot velocity and power. Long rifles also have a unique shooting mode for taking out extra far enemies.



Gatling guns are similar to the machine gun, as they do best in mid and short-ranged combat, with the addition of a shooting mode that can be used to attack from quite the distance. The Gatling gun specializes in taking out enemies that are lined up in front of you.



Finally, here’s a look at the bazooka. It uses explosive power and covers a wide area, which is best used at mid-range. Its explosions causes a good amount of splash damage, with enemies taking more damage the closer they are to the initial point of explosion.


Gundam Breaker 2 will release in Japan on December 18 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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