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Gundam Breaker 3 Has A Major DLC In The Works With A Scenario As Big As The Game Itself


Bandai Namco revealed in the official Twitter account for Gundam Bre aker 3 that they’re working on a major DLC, which will also include a new scenario as big as the entire game itself.


According to the latest tweets, Bandai Namco is currently working on a major DLC for Gundam Breaker 3. Its new scenario is said to have just as much volume as the entire game, and it’ll also include new playable Gunpla to top it off.


They also shared that the “Scramble Gundam” that appeared in Gundam Build Fighters: Try Island Wars will also be added through an upcoming DLC.


Gundam Breaker 3 is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan and Asia.

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