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Gundam Breaker Producer Talks About Potential Sequel And Vita Version



Dengeki Online recently held an interview with Kotaro Usui, the producer of the latest hit Gundam game, Gundam Breaker. Among the topics submitted by readers, they discussed the future of the game including the upcoming PS Vita version.


Regarding future DLC and updates, Usui spoke, "Originally, my objective was to make one Gundam game and develop it into a series, like G Generation. Our company hasn’t approved it yet, but my staff and I are very interested in making a sequel. As we have already announced, we do have plans for updates and DLC. How we proceed after that will depend on user feedback."



Regarding the multiplayer features, Usui also said, "We have received many requests from players who want to fight other players. My staff and I are considering that for a sequel. Since the game already has modes like 1-on-1 and 2-on-2, we are thinking of other ways to battle. For example, we are considering something with an "athletic meet" theme, something more casual players can enjoy.


Usui did not reveal when the PS Vita version of Gundam Breaker will be released, although it is scheduled to be released sometime this year. When asked about PS3 and Vita connectivity, Usui replied that the Vita version will only implement local multiplayer.


Although the game will not feature cross-platform multiplayer, the game will let players share data between both versions. The PlayStation 3 version of Gundam Breaker is available now.