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Gundam Extreme VS Force Is Getting Plasma-Blasted By Amazon Reviews In Japan



Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force released today in Japan, and Japanese fans have been expressing their dissatisfaction with the game by plasma-blasting Amazon Japan with exceptionally low review scores. [Thanks, Hachima.]



While Japanese reviews on Amazon are known for being a bit more harsh than their western counterparts, an average score of 1.4 stars is still pretty low for any title, let alone a Mobile Suit Gundam game, which usually gets at least 3 or 4 stars on average.


The below is a few lines of criticism shared by users who purchased the game:


  • “It’s a different game that simply used the name of the “Gundam VS” series. It’s pretty much a Gundam Musou game that doesn’t let you “Musou.” [Basically saying that it plays like a Musou game without its charm or hundreds of enemies to take on.]”


  • “No free battle or online versus, and a drastic reduction of the number of mechs available, I don’t get what’s the point of this game.”


  • “The worst content of all Gundam games as of late.”


  • “While it’s okay to release [a game] as a standalone version with the premise of solo-play, the degree of completeness is way too low, even for a single player game.”


  • “The stress that comes from its bad camera angles is just horrible.”


  • “The retail version can be sold as a used game, but for those who purchased the download version, it’s like they threw 7,000 yen down the gutters.”


  • “If they can’t put in a free battle mode, then I wish they’d at least have an arcade mode.”


  • “Gundam fans are being looked down upon by Bandai Namco, who probably think they can cut corners for a game and still have it sell.”


Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force will release in the west in 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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