These Gundam Mobile Suits Think They’re A Bunch Of Medieval Knights



There’s a huge swath of Puzzle & Dragon clones on the smartphone market now, but Namco Bandai has their own take on the genre with its upcoming iOS and Android title Knight Gundam Puzzle Heroes.



Knight Gundam is a spinoff from the Super Deformed (SD) Gundam series that turned classic Gundam mech robots into living, breathing knights set in their own universe Saddarc.



The game is similar in playing style to Puzzle & Dragons, and players form a party of sentient shrunk Gundams who all think they’re knights in shining armor. They then head out to dungeons filled with villainous Gundam knights and do battle, puzzle style.



Players have to swipe connecting blocks to destroy them and create chain cascade combos, damaging foes or healing the player. While few details have been revealed, it’s likely that similar to Puzzle & Dragons, players will be able to capture these foes for later use in their own party.



Pre-registering for the game will net players a Knight Amuro card (Yes, that’s Amuro gigged up in Gundam armor) while those who pre-registered through SD Gundam G Generation Frontier (A turn-based tactical RPG also for smartphones) will receive a “True Knight Gundam” card.


Knight Gundam Puzzle Heroes will be available on iOS and Android this fall.