Bandai Namco shared a trailer that highlights new features that will be added in Gundam Versus’ first major update in Japan, including Ranked Matches, Ultimate Battles, and Trial Battles.


First we get a look at the online competitive Rank Match that puts you up against other players who are close to your level. It becomes available after meeting certain conditions.


The Rank Matches are played in 2v2 battles and you’ll get the option to play with a friend or be shuffled in teams with three other random players. You’ll climb the ranks by winning more games in Rank Matches.


Ultimate Battle is a game mode that throws waves of enemies at you, and the update adds a new “Boss Survival” mode that will throw nothing but boss units against you. An extra battle called “Boss Hunter” also appears in this mode where you’ll get to work in a party of six Mobile Suit units to take out a boss. This mode can be played solo or with another friend.


Extra Battles that occur in the Easy, Normal, and Hard modes of Ultimate Battle have also been updated to allow players to use it as an opportunity to try out new paid-DLC Mobile Suit units.


And lastly, Trial Battle is a solo play mode where you’ll take out CPUs in missions. The update adds a special new mission that will have you take on paid-DLC units on the other team.


Gundam Versus is available in Japan for PlayStation 4. The game releases in North America and Europe on September 29, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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