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Gung-ho Aiming For A Younger, Broader Audience With Ninjala


ninjala 2


Gungho’s upcoming console game, Ninjala, is quite a different game from the mobile hit Puzzle & Dragons. Gungho CEO Kazuki Morishita recently explained that this is because the game aimed at a younger, broader audience, compared to the previous game. (Thanks, Venture Beat!)


Ninjala is a cartoon-y action game that doesn’t present itself as being violent. Gungho wants this to become its next big hit. “Making a new intellectual property, we believe we can succeed on console”, said Morishita. He talked about how Japan’s mobile games market was now a ‘black ocean’ (as opposed to red or blue ocean, as in where the sharks are feeding).


“The Japanese market is really special, where the big emphasis is on mobile. In the West, there are different play styles that are popular. That’s why we want to expand and achieve worldwide growth.”


Ninjala is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019.

Alistair Wong
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