GungHo Attempts A Cute Overload With (PW) Project Witch



GungHo’s latest adventure game sort of snuck in under the radar this week. (PW) Project Witch is an all ages adventure where players get to spend a summer making friends with and helping three little witches. It’s an incredibly adorable adventure that takes place in a pastel-colored world.


(PW) Project Witch is something between a visual novel and a simulation game. There are three young witches named Lilte, Marl, and Shell that you help through their daily lives. They’ve come to the human world from the magical one as part of their training, and will be around from July 22 to August 28. You pick one as your partner, then play through their daily lives. Each one has over 100 scenarios to experience. You actually go through every day of the week with them, though Saturdays and Sundays seem to have the most activity.



And then there are the dress up, dancing and, yes, even fighting elements. You buy them clothes, help them perform concerts in the Dancing Witch portion, and let them fight one another in the Fighting Witch mode. The Fighting Witch mode even supports ad-hoc multiplayer. I’m guessing there’ll be quite a few scenes too where the little witches are fascinated or enchanted with the way things work in the human world.


(PW) Project Witch is currently available in a standard version, and in three special edition versions that focus on one of the three little witches Lilte, Marl or Shell. The special editions come with special packaging, picture diaries and a soundtrack CD with the opening and ending song. Each of the three versions is limited to a 5,000 print run. It’s a CERO A all ages game, so don’t expect Lilte, Marl or Shell to get into any questionable situations.


Since Sony’s trying to make a push to get girls playing the PSP, what with the Hannah Montana PSP bundle and forthcoming PSP Petz games, perhaps Project Witch could have a shot at a localization. Personally, I think the Fighting Witch portion could be a bit stale, since you can only use Lilte, Marl or Shell. The Dancing Witch portion could have potential.


If you already haven’t experienced a cute overload from the screenshots, check out the (PW) Project Witch trailer.


Jenni Lada
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