GungHo Teases Seventh Rebirth As Their Newest RPG, To Be Revealed On October 20




GungHo Online Entertainment opened a teaser site for a new RPG called Seventh Rebirth. We got a peek at the upcoming title, but more information will be unveiled on October 20, 2016.


Other than the teaser image shown above, the teaser site has the following text: “When the time of the 7th judgment comes, you’ll be approached with a final choice.”


GungHo is known for their hit Puzzle & Dragon series and hosting various MMORPGs in Japan, but we’ve seen them publish titles such as Ragnarok Odyssey and they’re also publishing Let It Die for Grasshopper Manufacture, the company they’ve acquired in January 2013.


We’ll learn more about Seventh Rebirth on October 20, 2016. A platform has yet to be announced for the game.

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