Gunkatana, A High-Speed Game Of Bloody One-Hit Kills, Now On Greenlight

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Gunkatana is looking for votes on Steam Greenlight in its efforts to bring its death-filled, one-hit-kill arenas to the platform.


637591816_preview_Gunkatana - Redlight or


In its single and multiplayer modes (which include local co-op), players have to rush around the arena, using lasers, powerups, and their swords to cut down all of the competition.


637591816_preview_Gunkatana - Disco


The game offers players a handful of moves to use as well, letting them rush across the levels using the rails, use a spin dash to attack all around, or use a straight, but slow, slash. The trick is that each of these moves will specifically counter one of the others, meaning players can’t blindly lash out.


637591816_preview_Gunkatana - Death Zone 666


Gunkatana is projected to release in Q4 this year.

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