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Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Introduces The Septima Rebellio And Crimm


luminous avenger ix

Recently, Inti Creates updated the official website for their upcoming Gunvolt spinoff Luminous Avenger iX with information on two of the bosses Copen will need to fight.


Rebellio (CV: Ryota Yoshizaki)

rebellio 1

An Adept in possession of the “Energy Wool” Septima. His body is enveloped in a fibrous energy which he manipulates to create various objects.

He was once a kind-hearted young man, but his family was taken hostage by an anti-Sumeragi terrorist group that forced him to commit heinous acts against his will.

He was made to bear the burden of his crimes, and was sentenced to death by Sumeragi. After his conscription as a Falcon, Sumeragi promised to pardon his sentence and provide assistance to his family in return for his service.


During battle, Rebellio uses his Septima to craft brutal weapons like scythes and guillotines to get himself in the mood to fight, despite his hatred of conflict. It could also be said that this is a manifestation of the fear of his impending death sentence.


Here are some screenshots of Rebellio’s attacks below:

rebellio 1 rebellio 2

rebellio 3 rebellio 4

rebellio 5


Copen can earn the ‘Anchor Nexus’ EX Weapon from Rebellio:

rebellio 6


Crimm (CV: Suguru Narisawa)

crimm 1

An Adept in possession of the “Detonation” Septima. He fires shots of densely packed energy that explode in highly contained, yet very powerful explosions. After transforming, he shields himself with a super-tough barrier that completely protects him from any blast shockwaves.

His personal creed is “Anything created by these beautiful hands is a radiant work of art!” Crimm is widely known as a charismatic beautician, but his true personality comes out every night when he goes around indiscriminately laying waste to any structures he sets his sights on. He’s not a pyromaniac…he’s a “blastomaniac.” He feels justified in this mass property destruction since he genuinely believes that there is no greater beauty in the world than acts born from his Septima.

In his eyes, he is the master of fine art and the world is his canvas. He was overjoyed at becoming a Falcon, as he gained legal authority to perform his “art” whenever he sees fit.


Check out some of his attacks below:

crimm 1 crimm 2

crimm 3 crimm 4

crimm 5


Copen earns the ‘Photon Detonator’ EX Weapon from Crimm:

crimm 6


Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 26, 2019. It’ll be priced $14.99.

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