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Gurumin 3D Is Launching A Kickstarter Campaign To Fund A Physical Edition



Gurumin 3D originally released exclusively on the Nintendo eShop, though that has the chance to change in the future. Mastiff has announced that they are starting a Kickstarter campaign to create physical copies of the PC and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game.


The campaign will feature tiers and rewards, including a $1 reward which will give funders access to updates on the campaign all the way up to a $500 reward which will include a digital 3DS key, physical PC copy, t-shirt, button and sticker set. Additionally, the campaign will include a stretch goal that is a physical 3DS copy of the game, though there are no further details on how much funding this goal will actually require.


Gurumin 3D is available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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