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How Gurumin Is Making The Jump To 3DS


Gurumin 3DS Interview

This summer, Mastiff Games is bringing the Falcom-developed Gurumin to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems in Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure. Siliconera has caught up with Mastiff Games President Bill Swartz to find out how the action RPG game, which has previously been released on PSP and PC, is transitioning to a 3DS experience.


Gurumin isn’t available for the 3DS in Japan. How did the project start?

Bill Swartz, President: I’d add a YET to that sentence!!!


The a-ha moment came a few years ago when a journalist described the game as “something between Zelda and Super Mario but with short range weapons.” While I think no game in the world except for a Zelda or Mario could ever fully stand up to that description, I also think he was right. The game was a natural fit for the Nintendo audience and the large stages with lots of vertical and horizontal jumping seemed like a perfect fit for 3D.


The accelerating popularity of the Nintendo eShop was the icing on the cake. It will be more than a year of development, but we think we have something that will do the hardware proud and fans will love.


Gurumin 3DS Team


What team is developing the game and what advice did Falcom give about the gameplay? What changes are being made to the game?

We have two development partners, both in Tokyo. Falcom has had lots of input, but if I had to boil it down to one thing it would be the importance of making sure the game stays quick and responsive at all times.


Gameplay is not being changed at all. However…

– Help and tutorials have been improved

– Camera controls with C-Stick

– More costumes than in the Steam version

– Portable

– Glorious, beautiful 3D

– Available on the eShop


How are you utilizing the stereoscopic 3D effects?

With lots of very dynamic stages (lots of horizontal and vertical movement) and plenty of real-time hand to hand and projectile combat, running, and jumping 3D makes the action pop.


Mastiff localized La Pucelle Tactics in the past, have there been discussions to bring over La Pucelle Ragnarok perhaps for PC or to work with Andamiro to make another Pump It Up game?

黙秘権を行使させて下さい (I invoke my right to remain silent.)