PlayStation Vita

Gust Says There Won’t Be An Atelier Rorona Plus


Gust have released Atelier Totori Plus and more recently Atelier Meruru Plus for the PlayStation Vita. Thus, naturally, people have wondered if we’ll be seeing a ‘Plus’ version of the third game in that series, Atelier Rorona, as well.


According to the games’ director, Yoshito Okamura, there won’t be an Atelier Rorona Plus, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing more of Rorona in the future.


In the latest countdown video for Atelier Meruru Plus, Okamura states: “The remaining titles that haven’t been ported don’t have the content that can be finished with a Plus version. Above all else, we’d like to make an expansion for those titles that shows the reason why we saved them for last!”



That statement sounds a little vague and leaves quite a bit open to interpretation. What we think Okamura is saying is that, while Atelier Rorona won’t have a Plus version, we might see a meatier update to that game instead.


Additionally, Gust say they’re currently brainstorming ideas for their next title. They’re also using questionnaires as feedback for their next release.

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