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Gut busting deal! Heroes of Mana only $19.99 @ Play-Asia


pa_84318_001.jpgIs the wait for Heroes of Mana’s localization killing you so much that you’d do just about anything to get your hands on its import version? Whatever your idea of “do just about anything” may be is beyond me, but take comfort in knowing that for a limited time (as always), Play-Asia is selling Heroes of Mana, along with some other games, for $19.99! If you don’t know what the fuzz about Heroes of Mana is, Heroes of Mana is basically a Mana game with RTS gameplay that does utilize the DS as much as Kirby Canvas Curse does. You could do that, or you could read my impressions I posted a while back.

Either way, $19.99 is a steal. Whether its because the game’s reception was poor in Japan or sales weren’t so high is beyond me, but don’t miss this opportunity to grab the game for a good price. Just remember: the game has no multiplayer battle WiFi.

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