Hack, 90’s Movie Style, In Text-Based Cyberpunk MMO Hackmud


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Hackmud is a text-based, cyberpunk hacking MMO where players will try to curry favor with The Trust, the Multi-User Domain’s governing super-intelligence, using real-world hacking skills.




In Hackmud, players will face various trials laid out by The Trust, putting their hacking skills to the test. The game uses real-world hacking skills like social engineering, cracking, and more, which have all been worked into the game’s visual and play style. Players can use these, and many more in-game tools, to create further tools, puzzles, traps, and other means to trip up other players or work through the story.




Hackmud’s visual style emulates the look of 90’s movie-style hacking to give the game a retro-futuristic feel. It is available now for $13.37 on Steam,, and Humble Bundle.

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