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Hack n ‘Slash Shooter Beyond Human Returns From Oblivion With A New Demo


Beyond Human’s development may have gone quiet since its failed Kickstarter a few years ago, but the Mega Man/Devil May Cry-inspired sidescroller has come back with a new demo to try to wow potential players again.


Beyond Human puts players in control of Adam, an amnesiac who awakens to a ruined future with only a rifle in his hands. Using it, as well as an energy sword, players will be able to combo up their slashing acrobatic attacks, cleaving through alien and robotic threats as they explore the remains of a decrepit cyberpunk world.

Beyond Human offers six bosses strewn across its landscapes to offer players a great challenge for their growing sword and gun skills. To beat these tough beings, players will be able to equip MODs, which will increase their weapon performance or grant them useful shields, as well as Enhancements, which will increase health, speed, and other parameters that will make facing these brutal foes a little easier. Winning means unlocking a new weapon, though, which can make life a lot easier afterwards.


The game also features some Metroidvania-like exploration elements, letting players find useful items while choosing their own route through the game’s areas. While searching, they may find some optional bosses, all of whom offer added abilities and weapons should players manage to beat them. These enemies are designed to be especially challenging, though, so players will need to be skilled with all their tools to beat them.

Beyond Human’s demo is available through and GameJolt. Should players enjoy the high-speed sword/gunplay, the developers are once again attempting to raise the remaining development funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
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