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Hacker Finds A Way To Play As An Octoling In Splatoon



Despite only being out for a month, Splatoon has already been data-mined by a fan who then proceeded to unveil the new maps, weapons, and game modes that were hidden in the disc.


But there are some other little tricks that have been trickling out slowly as the innards of Splatoon are further explored. The latest one is being able to play as an Octoling. Those are the humanoid enemies that you face in the game’s single player mode. The video above shows you what it’s like to play as one.


Bear in mind, though, that this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to play as an Octoling in the future, as this was possible due to reconfiguring the assets made for the single player mode.


Other little tricks this person has shown off includes experimenting with different ink colors and testing out unreleased weapons such as the Sploosh-o-matic.

Chris Priestman