hack://G.U. a second take at “The World”


Years after the World and the events of .hack//SIGN and Kite’s quest to find out why his friend went into a coma is where .hack//G.U. is set. The latest edition of the .hack video game series uses a new game engine, has a new set of characters and extends the faux MMORPG feeling with guilds. It’s a whole new World and here is a little information about it.

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The Birth of “The World R:2”

In 2015, a fire broke out in the CC Corporation headquarters, resulting in the loss of most of the data for “The World.” The company utilized a game system for a different game line they were developing to restore the data that was lost in the fire and introduced “The World R:2” a year later. However, players of the original “The World” were unable to migrate their character data to the new version and many rejected the “R:2.” But the game was accepted amongst new players and went onto sell 12 million copies worldwide. Although, they have yet to reach the peak of 20 million players that was boasted during the days of the original “The World,” the game took back the crown as the number one online game.


Residents in the World R:2:


Haseo 3rd Form:

This is Haseo’s form before he is Data Drained by Tri-Edge. His main weapon is a scythe which suits his nickname the “Terror of Death.”

Haseo 1st Form:

This is Haseo’s form after he is reverted back to level 1 by Tri-Edge. His weapon in this form is the twin blades.



He appeared before Haseo after he was PK-ed (Player Killed) on the first day of playing “The World.” Later he invites Haseo into the Twilight Brigade guild. His left arm is sealed by a massive restraint and no one has knowledge of what is beneath it. He seems to have his own agenda.



He is a mysterious player only known as “Tri-Edge.” His character modeling is not within the system parameters of “The World” and he is capable of using the skill known as Data Drain that is also outside of the system’s parameter. The orange attire and the twin blades in his hands remind some of Kite, but whether they are the same is yet to be determined.



He is an Edge Punisher and the captain of Moon Tree’s Unit 2 guild. He is very sharp and admired by many. In fact, many within the guild believe that he is the true master of Moon Tree. He recruited Atoli to join the guild, but his true intentions are unknown.



She is a Harvest Cleric who excels on healing and tries to look after Haseo asl. “The World” is her first online game and she idealizes the online world represented by the game. She joined Moon Tree after being recruited by Sakaki who she met while playing the game.


Bordeaux’s Group:

A trio PKs belonging to the guild Kestrel and consists of the Blade Brandier Bordeaux, Twin Blade Negimaru, and Edge Punisher Grein. Led by Bordeaux, they hunt down players for the thrill of the battle. Their favorite method for the kill is to surround small numbers of target players with overwhelming opposition.


New facilities in added to “R:2”:

Guilds: a group comprised of players. Once a guild is established, a private room known as @HOME is created for each guild. Guild members use the @HOME as their headquarters.


Arena: located in the Warring City of Lumina Cloth, the arena consists of three palaces: Demon Palace, Holy Palace, and Sage Palace. Players fight in a three-on-three battle and hope to become Emperors of the designated palace.


Aside from the new facilities, players are also able to encounter other players out in the field. Some of these players, like the members of the Medic Union, are around to help you on your adventure. However, there are also PKs (Player Killers) who are preying on other players. You can help these players from the PKs and receive a reward if you are successful in helping them.


Access Across “The World R:2”

Like the original “The World,” players get to other areas and fields by using the Chaos Gate. There are also several special areas that are known as Lost Grounds. These areas are said to have been created during the era of Fragment, the game the original “The World” was based on.  Some of these areas are the Hulle Granz Cathedral and the Arche Koeln Waterfall.


Chaos Gates are a type of a warp device that allows players to access various areas such as fields, dungeons, Lost Ground, and others.


Areas are created by combining three words known as "Area Words." Players can obtain Area Words from other players playing in "The World" or by checking on the forums. The more Area Words you have, the more flexibility you have in creating an area of your choice, so actively engaging with other players is of great benefit.  The combination of these words determine the type of area, monster strength, and so on.


Information is listed in the Area Status window in the Area Word input screen, a sort of gyro looking device that shows your current stock of words. The Area Status window lists the various parameters created by the chosen Area Word. Additionally, there is a mark to the left of the Area Words in the Word Plate.  This mark is a Server Symbol – it indicates which server you are currently in.  If you are in a different server, you’ll go to different areas even if it’s the same Area Words.

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