HAL Laboratory Smartphone Brand HAL Egg’s First Game Is A Claw Crane Action Game Hataraku UFO



HAL Laboratory recently launched a new smartphone games brand called HAL-Egg, and its very first title has been revealed as a “claw crane action game” called Hataraku UFO, or Working UFO.


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In Hataraku UFO you basically take control of a UFO and you’re given various tasks to help people out. These tasks include helping a farmer with his packages, helping out the cheerleaders in practice, or making sweets for a restaurant, and more.


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The game will have you grab, carry, and stack items. Completing your tasks will get you income which can then be used to dress up the UFO with various outfits like the “Tiger Suit,” “Ninja Costume,” and many others.


Hataraku UFO released today in Japan for iOS and Android. The game costs 480 yen.

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