Hand-Drawn Adventure Anna’s Quest Lets You Explore A Dark Fairy Tale World



German studio Daedalic Entertainment will be bringing its hand-drawn point-and-click adventure Anna’s Quest to Windows and Mac on July 2nd.


Anna’s Quest is set in a dark world that takes from Grimm’s fairy tales and European folklore. You play as the titular Anna after she gains telekinesis powers from a wicked witch who locked her up and performed experiments on her.


AnnasQuest_02 AnnasQuest_08

Luckily for Anna she’s able to use these new powers to escape and ends up setting out with a boy called Ted, who has been turned into a teddy bear (by the same witch), to find a cure for her grandfather as she originally intended.


Winfriede, the witch, returns to haunt Anna during her quest, and she’ll have to deal with trolls and cursed princesses along the way too. In fact, there’s a whole dark fairy tale’s worth of creatures to deal with by solving puzzles in a typical adventure game way.


You can find out more about Anna’s Quest on its website.

Chris Priestman